Stock up now on hostess gifts

Nextworth buys iPods, iPads, video game consoles and games, DVDs and more.



Now is the best time to start setting aside hostess gifts for the party season, which will begin sooner than you think.

Everyone wants to remember hostess gifts, but it often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list when things get hurried. It’s a nice way to show your appreciation, and if you plan ahead, not that difficult either.

Breakfast treats such as a dozen muffins or a coffee cake is a good way to help make the morning-after cleanup not so bad. Fresh fruit is always a good idea, and citrus season conveniently coincides with the holidays.

Wine is a great go-to gift as well, but if you really want to spice things up bring along a bottle of specialty olive oil from High Country Olive Oils in downtown Aiken. The store is at 113 Laurens St. and also sells La Bonbonniere chocolates.


The iPhone 4S has a lot of people getting antsy with their current phone – who can resist the chance to finally have a personal assistant a la the Jetsons?

The fact remains, however, that few of us actually need to upgrade, and it’s a luxury most can’t swing to just buy a new phone. Technology recycler Nextworth has partnered with Target stores all over the country to provide nice trade-in opportunities for people whose phones are fully functional, just not what they want.

When you visit, the site prompts you to fill in a form that evaluates how much your phone trade-in is worth and giving you an instant quote. If it sounds good, you can print off a pre-paid shipping label and send it off to Nextworth, who will confirm that the phone really is in the condition you said it was. Within 10 days, you get the payment in a Target gift card.

Nextworth buys iPods, iPads, video games, game consoles, DVDs and even calculators in addition to all kinds of mobile phones.


The Sacred Heart Gift Shop Annex is open at 2113 Kings Way in the Midtown Market. Just in time for holiday shopping, the store will be in Midtown only through the end of the year to allow for a larger selection for the holiday season.

The Sacred Heart Gift Shop is one of the best places for local art, regional books and souveniers in Augusta.



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