What Is It?

What is it?

Last week’s photo showed the Kia Soul, which has received a revamp for 2014. It is still recognizable as the Soul, but the front and rear ends have been restyled. Read about it in this week’s road test.


Chosen randomly from the correct entries was the name of Kurt Breitinger, of Martinez, who told us: “This was an easy one! It’s the Kia Soul. We have a pet hamster, and when the Kia Soul commercial comes on television we make sure he gets a good view of the TV.”

Breitinger wins a prize from The Augusta Chronicle. Others identifying the Soul were:

AUGUSTA: Norman Lewis wrote: “I tried but couldn’t resist this week’s contest. The car is the 2014 Kia Soul. The right rear taillight is unique as is the rest of the vehicle.

“The engines are a 1.6-liter and a 2-liter, 164-horsepower four-cylinder. The top-of-the-line ! (Exclaim) model can top out around $26,000, but you can get the basic for around $16,000. There’s no CD player available, everything’s done from a USB hookup and an iPhone – nothing for Android users!”

Carolyn Ogles guessed Soul and said: “I did read that this was the best compact car for the money and ninth out of 40 affordable small cars but can’t verify the source of this information. Favorable comments are: low price, long warranty, ample passenger space.”

Also, Richard Cisneros and Gail Clark

CANTON, GA.: David Anderson wrote: “ ‘Hey, it’s the hamster car!’ That’s what my grandson would say when he would see my youngest daughter (his aunt) pull into the driveway.

“She briefly had a first-year, 2010 Soul base model after selling the 1991 Chevy S-10 pickup we gave her that my wife inherited from her grandfather. Now I guess only she can say why she had a problem running around in a truck that used to belong to her great-grandfather!

“She told me it was for hauling her rather large dog to and from the vet and for visits to her now-in-laws’ property. With the back seat folded down, the back area was plenty big enough, and being all vinyl, there was no fabric or stuffing for it to shred and eat!

“She had that car only a little more than a year before she and her new husband decided they needed a ‘fun’ car before starting a family. The Soul was traded for a Camaro, and all too soon they quickly found out that the back seat of a Camaro is just not baby- or child seat-friendly.

“It, too, has now fallen by the wayside for something a little more practical. So much for the carefree newlywed lifestyle.”

EVANS: Paul Perdue wrote: “This week’s vehicle is a 2014 Kia Soul. Mice rule.”

Jerry Paul wrote: “This week the car of the week is a 2014 Kia Soul.”

Also, Aubrey Moore

MARTINEZ: Jim Muraski wrote: “This week’s vehicle is a 2014 Kia Soul.”

Cheryl Cook wrote: “I’m thinking you must be channeling my vehicle ownership: Mustang, Pinto, Galaxie – and this week’s mystery car is the 2014 Kia Soul. I have a 2010 red Kia Soul that I love. Gets great gas mileage! So, every day I’m shuf-fel-in’.”

PERRY, FLA.: Larry Anderson: “This week you have a 2014 Kia Soul. I have to admit the taillights are a bit strange in it. … I think the entire car looks strange.”


NO CITY LISTED: Londa Henderson said: “I think this car is a yellow Kia Soul.”


Can you tell us the year, make and model of this vintage vehicle? For extra credit, tell us the automotive design feature first seen in this car. (This is not a trick question, but please look at it carefully before you answer.)

When you have your answer, send an e-mail to glynn.moore@augustachronicle.com or leave a message at (706) 823-3419.

Tell us your name, telephone number and city you live in. If you call, please spell your name.

You have until midnight Tuesday to respond. A winner will be chosen randomly. If you win, please let us know when you would like to pick up your prize.

Your responses will be published next Friday. Thank you for playing.

– Glynn Moore, staff writer