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Toyota recalls vehicles, and Ford CEO Alan Mulally denies rumors he is leaving

Toyota, Lexus recalled


DETROIT — Toyota is recalling 880,584 of its 2006-11 Toyota RAV4 SUVs and 2010 Lexus HS 250h sedans because a repair announced last year might not have resolved a safety problem.

Toyota says if rear suspension nuts aren’t tightened properly after a wheel alignment, the rear lower suspension arm can rust and separate from the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

Toyota recalled the vehicles in August 2012 for the same issue, but spokeswoman Cindy Knight said the repair procedure in the previous recall was incorrect. Knight didn’t know whether Toyota sent out the wrong instructions or whether technicians at its dealerships didn’t follow the correct procedures. She said technicians are receiving more training.

Owners will be notified over a six-month period starting this month. Toyota will inspect the cars and replace suspension arms that are loose or rusted for free.

Ford boss staying put

BERLIN — The chief executive of Ford Motor Co. says he has no plans to leave the company early after reports that he might be tipped to take a leading role at software maker Microsoft Corp.

Ford said last year that Alan Mulally would stay with the company through at least 2014.

The 68-year-old on Sept. 6 batted aside talk of an early exit, telling reporters in Berlin that “I absolutely personally love serving Ford and we have no changes planned going forward.”

Mulally is credited with turning Ford around, bringing it back to profitability.

Ford unveiled its new S-Max concept car in Berlin and is showing it at the Frankfurt Auto Show.



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