Jeep Grand Cherokee studied for fires; brake fluid recalled

Jeep Grand Cherokee


DETROIT — U.S. auto safety regulators are investigating complaints that the ceilings can catch fire in 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokees.

The probe by the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminis­tration covers an estimated 146,000 of the sport utility vehicles.

Three customers complained that their ceilings caught fire near the passenger-side sun visor while they were driving. Initially there was a burning smell, then smoke and flames. The customers lowered their windows to clear the smoke, but that increased the fire’s intensity, NHTSA said.

The fires continued after the SUVs had been shut off, and flames had to be put out with extinguishers or by firefighters. The flames caused a sunroof to shatter in one instance, and in another, a burning sun visor fell onto the passenger seat and spread the flames.

Investigators will decide whether the problem is serious enough to warrant a recall.

The company said it will advise customers if they need to take action; owners can consult with dealers or call (800) 853-1403.

Brake fluid

WASHINGTON — A company is recalling 488,000 units of brake fluid because its color is wrong.

Each type of brake fluid has a color requirement so it can be identified. The fluid being recalled is blue, rather than the colorless to amber that is required.

According to the NHTSA Web site, Continental Aftermarket GMBH is recalling some ATE Super Blue Racing DOT 4 brake fluid because it could be misidentified and improperly mixed in the braking system. Highway safety officials say that could lead to brake damage or failure.

The company is notifying distributors and will offer to buy back the affected units. Consumers can contact Continental Aftermarket at (800) 265-1818 or at



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