Kerosene sold at Martinez store might contain gasoline

Contaminated kerosene sold by a Martinez convenience story could cause an explosion if used, state officials warned Wednesday.

Kerosene bought on or after March 31 from Sprint Foods, 424 South Belair Road, might have been contaminated with gasoline and should not be used in kerosene lamps or heaters, according to a news release from Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Fuel and Measures Division has placed a “stop sell” order on the kerosene pump at the store, according to the release. The pump will remain closed until the tank and lines have been cleaned and a new shipment has been tested and approved by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. No other stations are involved, the release said.

Consumers who purchased kerosene from the Sprint Foods store on or after March 31 can contact the store at (706) 863-5883 or the Agriculture Department’s Fuel and Measures Division at (404) 656-3605 for more information.


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