Artifact identification offered at Archaeology Day in Augusta

In honor of Georgia Archeology month, the Augusta Museum of History and the Augusta Archaeological Society will hold an Archeology Day on Saturday, May 5, at the 1797 Ezekiel Harris House, 1822 Broad Street, Augusta.

Archaeologists will be on hand to identify and classify prehistoric and historic artifacts and artifact collections; Paleo-Indian and Dalton period projectile points will be formally recorded; and artifacts from local historic sites will be on display, including artifacts from the Ezekiel Harris House.

Children will enjoy flint knapping and primitive weapon demonstrations and all visitors will have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the 1797 Ezekiel Harris House.

Admission is free.

The 1797 Ezekiel Harris House¸ said to be “the finest eighteenth-century house surviving in Georgia”, is located at 1822 Broad Street and is an excellent example of early Federal architecture. Fully restored in 1964 and listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Ezekiel Harris House is a reminder of the days when tobacco was the primary cash crop of Georgia.


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