Glenn Hills High School grads look to shatter stereotypes

Glenn Hills High School salutatorian Townna Green had a message for the class of 2012.


“As we leave this place tonight, I just hope each of you do something with your life, whether it’s go to college or get a job,” she said.

And before they were handed diplomas at graduation Monday, many had a plan.

Deneshia Williams sees herself as a future accountant. Shante Wolfe will attend Savannah State University to study criminal justice. And Andreas Hollins is looking for the perfect program at Augusta Technical College.

Green said she hoped that as her classmates go on with their futures they shatter the stereotype about teenagers being lazy, disruptive or uncontrollable.

She said anything done from this point must be done with self-respect.

“Do not give anyone the right to treat you as less,” she said.

Valedictorian Mark Rojas said although some have lived through turmoil, death and verbal abuse, nothing is stopping them from making something of themselves today.

“We Spartans are strong people,” Rojas said, giving a nod to the school’s mascot. “We have shown the world tonight that we did not give up.”



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