School board to discuss personnel matters

 The Richmond County Board of Education has called a meeting for Thursday to discuss personnel matters and take necessary action.


School officials recently said the board would meet to discuss Superintendent Frank Roberson’s employment status, but on Tuesday were not able to confirm the topic of Thursday’s meeting.

Roberson has been absent since February 2011 when he underwent surgery for a brain condition and is currently working no more than six hours per week. With Acting Superintendent James Whitson set to retire June 30, it is unclear who would fill the school system’s top two positions.

The board can vote to appoint a new acting superintendent while continuing to wait for Roberson’s doctors to release him to work full time. The administrator with the next highest qualifications, executive director for middle schools Virginia Bradshaw, would act as superintendent in the meantime.

Under the Charter rules, board members can also use a majority vote to end a superintendent’s contract if the leader becomes physically incapacitated. They would then begin a search for a new superintendent.

Thursday’s meeting will take place at the central offices at 864 Broad Street at 5 p.m.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

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