Break-in reported at Paine College president office

An intruder broke into Paine College’s administrative offices early Tuesday morning by smashing two windows and prying open the door to President George Bradley’s office, according to a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office report.


Paine security officer Terry Ernest received a call from the cleaning staff after his 12:45 a.m. security check that windows to the assistant president and president’s offices had been broken.

The break-in could have occurred between 12:45 a.m. and 5:45 a.m. Tuesday, according to the report.

Ernest was unable to determine whether any items had been stolen. Brandon Brown, vice president of institutional advancement, said Wednesday the college is working with law enforcement to locate suspects and determine motives.

Brown said administrators were surprised to find computers and other technology were not stolen, but are still trying to determine if anything was taken.

“You’re talking about an office with documents, confidential papers and things of that nature, so we are reviewing and making sure as we go and audit everything what’s there and not there, so it is a process,” Brown said.



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