Ga. woman blames knife in fatal stabbing



COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Priscilla Y. Morgan told police repeatedly Sunday that she did not kill her 30-year-old boyfriend. But when an argument at a party escalated into a knife fight, Morgan’s blade “just seemed to puncture his chest,” the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reports.

 According to Wednesday court testimony, Morgan, 36, faced murder and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime charges.

Police said she flagged officers down after they rushed to her home in response to reports of injury. Inside, they found Anthony Tirrell Murray with a 4-inch deep stab wound to the right side of his chest and bite marks to the left. EMS workers hurried him to Midtown Medical Center, where he was declared “dead on arrival” around 11 p.m.

During questioning, Morgan told officers that the couple’s night started when Murray reprimanded her for dancing with another woman at an undisclosed house party. That argument intensified as the couple returned home.

Morgan promptly sent the couple’s children to bed before resuming her confrontation with Murray, an officer told the court.

The couple faced each other, each armed with knives, Morgan told the police. Then, suddenly, her knife punctured Murray’s chest.

Morgan told police that both knives were dropped on the kitchen floor after the assault. However, when detectives looked for the weapons, no knives were found, according to court testimony.

 A detective told the court Morgan later admitted a cousin came by the house before police arrived. Investigators did not find the weapons in the cousin’s possessions, according to testimony.


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