Augusta woman robbed on Broad Street

 Police are searching for a suspect after an Augusta woman was robbed Wednesday morning on Broad Street.

The victim was standing outside The Pizza Joint on 1245 Broad Street when the suspect approached her, according to a report from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect claimed to have locked her keys in her car and that she was also “pregnant with twins,” the report said.

The victim said she felt sorry for the suspect, who identified herself as “Caroline.” She allowed the suspect to use her cell phone and lent her money for a locksmith. When the victim said she would pay the locksmith $80, the suspect reached into the victim’s car, grabbed the money off the center console and fled north across Broad Street, the report said.

The suspect is described as heavy set, between 30-40 years old and wearing a burnt orange dress with a yellow pattern.



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

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