Augusta woman arrested after deputy finds pot, pills

An Augusta woman was arrested Tuesday on possession of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute clonazepam and lorazepam.


Deputy Richard Justice responded to 1813 Hicks Street in reference to a claim that Hope Surry, 25, had stolen her mother’s purse and car keys, according to a report from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

The officer found 3.7 grams of marijuana under a bed in the home, the report said.

After finding the missing purse, Deputy Justice also located an orange pill bottle with no label. Justice opened the bottle and noticed three different types of pills, according to the report.

Justice found 39 clonazepam, weighing 4.5 grams, and 106 lorazepam, weighing 15.2 grams.

Surry said the pills belonged to “some guy named Harold” and she was just holding them for him, the report said.