Stolen police vehicle recovered

An incomplete police interceptor and another vehicle reported stolen from Bobby Jones Ford in May have been recovered. Three men are in custody.


Authorities said a police interceptor that had not been outfitted with decals or emergency equipment, a white Ford F-150. eight sets of keys to incomplete police cars and a stuffed bobcat were stolen from Bobby Jones Ford the evening of May 31. Four license plates were reported missing from nearby Creighton Laircey Co. Police said one of the license plates was recovered in the parking lot at Bobby Jones Ford.

Authorities believe the thieves were planning to use the plates on the stolen vehicles.

The abandoned Ford pickup was recovered by Richland County, S.C., deputies Wednesday.

The police interceptor was recovered by Richland County officers Thursday. After officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle’s three occupants bailed from the car and attempted to run away.

Darren Jones and Brandon Bolton, both 20, and Christopher Anthony, 23 – all of Columbia – have been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

The stuffed bobcat also has been recovered.

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Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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