Flimflam gets money from North Augusta woman, 79

NORTH AUGUSTA — A 79-year-old Augusta woman contacted North Augusta Public Safety after she gave two women $500 when they promised to return the favor with $25,000.


The victim told authorities the two women approached her outside Kmart on Martintown Road about 4 p.m. Wednesday and told her they had found some money. The women promised they would give the victim $25,000 if she could prove she also had money.

Police said the victim allowed one of the women to ride with her to a Fifth Third Bank location in Augusta, where she cashed a check for $500.

After returning to Kmart, the women explained they would have to show the $500 to Mr. Cramer inside the store before the $25,000 could be released, police said. The women returned and said Mr. Cramer was ready to meet the victim.

She told authorities she was unable to locate anyone named Mr. Cramer. When she returned to the parking lot the women were also gone.

The victim described the women as two black females between the ages of 45 and 60. Both were wearing wigs – one black, one blonde.