Ex-school secretary gets 18 years after affair with pupil



A former school secretary was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in prison for sex crimes against pupils. Tiffiny Robinson must also serve 12 years of probation upon her release from incarceration.

That sentence was already agreed upon when Robinson arrived in court on Wednesday, but more than 30 family and friends of both the victim and of Robinson packed the courtroom in hopes of swaying Superior Court Judge Carlisle Overstreet’s decision.

In making her apology, Robinson said she didn’t believe she deserved a full 18 years in prison, in part because her two young children needed her.

The mother of the 14-year-old girl who Robinson befriended decried her plea for leniency, saying she’s seen no remorse from Robinson until this day.

“I think she deserves every last bit of time she gets,” the woman said, pounding the podium with her fist for emphasis.

Assistant District Attorney Kim Easterling told Overstreet on Wednesday that Robinson helped the 15-year-old young man in the case find his classroom during his first day at Collins Elementary School. A relationship developed from that point, with Robinson calling him and communicating with him through a Facebook page she created using a student’s name, Easterling said.

Robinson also befriended two girls, one of whom is listed as a victim in the case, although the indictment says Robinson never molested her. Robinson was also the assistant girls basketball coach at the school.

Easterling said Robinson took the victims out to the movies and bought them gifts; she used her position as administrative secretary to allow them to get out of class. At one point, Robinson and the young man were seen kissing in the stairwell, Easterling said.

“She is in fact a child predator … and she used her authority to manipulate all of them,” Easterling said.

Robinson’s family spoke on her behalf, describing her as a good and trustworthy person. Sabrina Washington called Robinson a caring and giving person.

“Perhaps she was just too compassionate with these children,” she said.