4 Lakeside baseball players suspended

Four Lakeside High School baseball players were suspended this week for allegations that they drank alcohol on a school bus.


The incident occurred Friday or Saturday as the varsity team traveled home from a late game against South Effingham County, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office report.

“As the students were exiting the bus and leaving at 1:30 in the morning (Saturday), they discovered that someone had gotten sick,” Lakeside High Principal Steven Rhodes said. “The next day, after some kids came forward, they realized that alcohol was involved.”

Coaches uncovered the incident when they questioned players as to why no one told them that a player had vomited, the incident report said.

Rhodes said the students were suspended and, as a consequence, were kicked off the team.

When the students go before a school system hearing officer next week, Rhodes said he is recommending long-term suspension.

“Hopefully, this will be a learning experience for them that there are consequences to their actions,” he said.

Lakeside Assistant Principal Tim Reeve contacted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday.

Reeve told authorities that a coach instructed the team not to bring food or drink onto the new bus, according to the incident report.

Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris said in an e-mail that the incident is under investigation.

“The team opened with such a prosperous season with six wins,” Rhodes said. “They had done extremely well, so this certainly is a disappointment to all of us when students are involved in misconduct.”