Aiken police agencies link 3 men to burglary spree

 Several thousands of dollars in stolen property have been recovered after the arrests of three Aiken men.


A joint investigation by the Aiken Department of Public Safety and the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of two Aiken men in connection to a series of residential burglaries Friday and Saturday. A third man has been charged with receiving stolen goods.

James Anthony Garner, 18, of Lundee Drive in Aiken, has been charged with first degree burglary at a residence on Alpine Drive, two counts of second degree burglary at residences on Broughton Drive, and two counts of grand larceny greater than $2,000 but less than $10,000.

Adam Hobbs, 20, of Owens Street, has been charged with two counts of second degree burglary for residential burglaries on Broughton Drive.

The men were linked to the burglaries after Garner was arrested for a burglary and assault on Plantation Drive.

Jesse Daniel Empoliti, 21, of Andrews Circle, was charged with receiving stolen goods after he was discovered with property stolen from residences burglaries on Broughton Drive.

All suspects are being held at the Aiken County Detention Center.


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