Aiken primary voting smooth

AIKEN — Marilyn Kogan was straightforward when asked what brought her out to vote Saturday in South Carolina’s Republican presidential primary.


“To do my duty as a citizen, No. 1, and because I feel strongly about the issues and I want to move the country forward,” Kogan said. “I feel who I voted for will help do that.”

Voting was steady Saturday afternoon at Cedar Creek Church, where Kogan voted.

The south side of Aiken and North Augusta precincts saw heavy voter turnout, according to Cynthia Holland, Aiken County registration and elections director.

There were no major glitches, she said, only the occasional screen freezing up.

“Just typical calibration issues, but our polling technicians were there,” she said. “No major problems.”

The process was quick with just one question on the ballot. Although 12 candidates were listed, only six remain in the GOP primary.

“It was heaven, as much as heaven can be for voting,” Kogan said.

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