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Sunday, the start of the state’s fiscal year, is also the effective date for much legislation passed this year by the Georgia General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal. See how familiar you are with these new laws by taking our quiz.


1. If you like to imbibe “adult beverages,” which of the following will give you added opportunities?

A. Brewpubs will be able to double their production.

B. Brewpubs will be able to sell their craft beers to wholesalers in bottles and cans.

C. Georgia distillers can now offer free samples to visitors touring their facilities.

D. Caterers and others wanting to sell alcohol at special events can apply for one-time pouring permits instead of the expense of a yearlong one.

E. All of the above.


2. Dog attacks on children in Savannah and Atlanta prompted legislators to crack down. What did they do?

A. Outlawed certain breeds of dog.

B. Prohibited vicious dogs from living within 1,000 feet of a home with a child.

C. Required vicious dogs to be neutered or spayed.

D. Subjected the owners of dogs to prison and a fine in the case of a second attack.


3. Hoping to make extra money selling scrap metal? What will the new law require?

A. Present identification and submit to being photographed and provide proof of ownership or a work order.

B. Drive a battered pickup truck.

C. Donate a pint of blood.

D. Spit tobacco juice during the transaction.


4. When your Yankee relatives sail their yacht down the coast and want to stay on their boat in a saltwater marina or mooring area, how long can they stay now?

A. Just until they’ve eaten all your food and spent all of your money.

B. 90 days

C. 365 days

D. As long as they want if they don’t sleep in your house.



5. What activities are now prohibited with a laser?

A. Aiming one at an airplane or law enforcement officer.

B. Using it to kill Klingons.

C. Slicing open bank vaults.

D. Making cats chase the red dot around the floor.


6. What is the new price for a sticker reading “In God We Trust” for car tags in place of the county name?

A. $2

B. $1

C. Free

D. No longer available. If you’re not proud of your county, you should move.



7. The Department of Natural Resources has relaxed which provisions for sportsmen and women?

A. Terminally ill patients under age 21 can get free hunting licenses.

B. Fishing licenses are half price if using a cane pole.

C. One-day saltwater fishing licenses are now available for $5.

D. Deer hunting is legal year-round in Chevys, Fords and Chryslers.

E. A and C.

F. B and D.


8. What are the new provisions of the elder abuse protections?

A. It’s now a felony for a second offense of operating an unlicensed personal-care home.

B. It is unlawful for a caregiver to neglect a disabled person or senior citizen.

C. Failure to conduct background checks on employees is a felony.

D. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation now investigates elder-abuse cases.

E. All of the above.



9. The maximum number of weeks a person can collect state unemployment benefits changed to:

A. 52

B. 17

C. 6

D. 99


10. New applicants for welfare under the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program have what additional requirement?

A. Own a Cadillac

B. Be a queen

C. Pass a drug test

D. Recite the Greek alphabet before a match burns out



11. Bonus: which profession now requires a state license?

A. Computer-security technician

B. Sushi preparer

C. Music therapist

D. Medical-equipment repair


1-E, 2-D. The new law also requires owners of dogs involved in a first attack to post a bond and ensure the animal cannot escape its locked pen without being on a leash and muzzled.

3-A, 4-B. The previous limit was 30 days.

5-A, 6-C. Also, drivers serving in the military will no longer have to pay for specialty tags.

7-E, 8-E, 9-B At the current unemployment rate. The maximum benefit period drops when the state’s unemployment rate declines and increases when the rate goes up, within a range of 14-20 weeks.




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