Credit card lawsuits often slipshod

ATLANTA — Credit card companies and collection agencies are churning out slapdash lawsuits claiming unpaid debts, say exasperated consumer advocates and some judges.

Judges complain that many lawsuits are so lacking in documentation that it’s impossible for them to know who’s right or wrong. Advocates say the companies sometimes victimize card holders by inflating the amounts owed, not giving their targets proper notice and suing for debts already paid.

“They do get pretty loosey-goosey on documents,” said Frank Cox, the chief magistrate court judge in Georgia’s Cobb County. “When they are contested, most of the time they can’t present sufficient evidence to win the lawsuit.”

The companies defend their practices and accuse consumers and their lawyers of using diversionary tactics and legal loopholes to deprive them of money legitimately owed.

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