Fort Gordon, Grovetown customers still waiting for cable integration

It’s been more than a year since Knology purchased Co­bridge Communications LLC’s cable and broadband operations at Fort Gordon and in the city of Grovetown, and those customers are still waiting to be integrated into Knology’s database.


With Knology’s recent acquisition by WOW!, some former Cobridge customers are wondering what will happen to their service.

“It’s taken longer than we wanted, but they will be integrated at the end of Septem­ber,” said Abu Khan, the vice president and general manager of WOW! in Augusta. “We are planning to go live with them being on the same billing system on the first of October.”

Knology signed an agreement to buy Cobridge’s cable and broadband operations at Fort Gordon and in Troy, Ala., for $30 million in March 2011. Knology became the owner and operator of those systems in June 2011.

WOW! Augusta officials on Monday said about 6,000 customers are affected.

The packages and prices between Knology/WOW! and Cobridge will still differ for now. The same bundles, rates and channel lineups haven’t been available to Cobridge customers, Khan said.

“Part of that is because there are two billing systems,” Khan said. “Eventually, we will integrate them and have the same channel lineups, but that’s a little bit further down the road. It’s a little more complicated. Logistically, it’s just not as easy as just turning on some channels and turning off other channels. There’s program negotiations and things like that that have to occur.”

Khan said he does not have a date for the channel lineups to become uniform.

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