Man follows father into real estate



For Ross Trulock, selling houses is a great way to meet people.

The 30-year-old vice president for Blanchard & Cal­houn Real Estate Co. has his hands in residential resale homes, new homes and land development at the company’s Evans office.

“I like getting in front of people. Everyone is different, and that is real interesting to me,” Trulock said. “In a different job, you don’t get to meet people all the time.”

His second-floor office is next to Woody Trulock, his father, who’s got 30 years of experience on him.

He dials his father’s extension and asks, “Dad, have you ever discouraged me from the business?”

“Every day,” is the retort, a quip that ends the conversation.

“It’s fun working with your family,” Ross Trulock said. “He helped me a lot. I had one of the best teachers. I was fortunate to be trained under him so that I could see a lot of transactions. I would sit in his office and listen to him.”

That immersion into real-life real estate was valuable, Tru­lock said, because it gave him greater depth despite seeing his dad conduct business around him for most of his life.

“It was a little different. I wasn’t in the office on a daily basis,” he said.

His efforts in real estate as a youngster involved cleaning up in front of a subdivision with his brother Bryson, who is also an
agent with Blanchard & Calhoun.

His first sale came from a prospective buyer standing in front of one of his father’s homes. Dispatched to aid the customer, Trulock said he was flipping through the real estate book on the way there to learn about the home.

“They bought the house. I stayed in touch with that guy for a long time,” he said. “Sometimes you get lucky.”

In 2005, it was a busy time for agents. There were times when a person would be standing in front of a house and ask for the agent to bring the sales contract with them. In the downturn, Trulock said he just worked harder to get the sales, through longer open houses or meeting more people.

“The business ebbs and flows. I think if you work hard enough that good things will happen,” he said. “People were still buying houses in 2008 and 2009 and 2010.”

Except for his time attending the University of Georgia, Trulock has lived in the Augusta area his entire life. His degree from UGA is in consumer economics. He said the experience at college was a better
tool, relating to lots of people.

“Love Georgia. Grew up watching the Dogs. Went to Athens for four years … Came back and went to work here,” he said.

Trulock and his wife, Britt, have a 7-month-old son, Hix, which has put some of his hobbies on hold.

He is vice president of the UGA Alumni Association’s Augusta chapter and is involved with the Red Cross Leadership Society. He also serves on a grievance committee for the Augusta Board of Realtors.

“I think it is important to be involved, especially in my business,” he said.


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