Shopgirl: Finch & Fifth is worth a drop-by



Finch & Fifth, Surrey Center’s newest bar, opened a few weeks ago and it’s worth a drop-by. Need a place to meet an old friend home for the holidays, or just a new stop on your weekend circuit? This place is serving fantastic food, impressive drinks, and is located on the fountain level of Surrey Center. You’ll be impressed by the panache the entire place offers – check it out on Facebook and Twitter.


If you have kids, your New Year’s plans are most likely either without them or are centered around your living room couch trying to stay awake until midnight. Tara Scheyer, Augusta’s queen of family-friendly concerts, has the solution to this very problem. Tara Scheyer and The Mud Puppy Band will hold the fourth annual “Countdown To Noon” concert, where you and your kids can have all the festivity and excitement of the midnight ball drop, without the late bedtime. The concert kicks off at 11 a.m. at the Episcopal Day School on Walton Way, and you can find more information at or Tickets are $5 and you can buy them at the door.


Year-end giving: it’s the most popular time to shell out, no matter what the cause. If you’ve ever been to Goodwill or the Salvation Army on New Year’s Eve, you know that it’s just about the least convenient time to decide to drop off that box of clothes (and get your tax-deductible receipt). If you plan to donate clothes or household items to these or similar agencies this year, think ahead just a little bit and try to go before the last available time. The Internal Revenue Service also reminds you to get a receipt that includes the name of the charity, date of the contribution, and a basic description of what the donation included. If you’re claiming $250 or more in contributed items, there are more rules. Even if you don’t do it for tax reasons, the New Year is a great excuse to free your life of unwanted and unneeded items and donate them to a cause that will put them to good use.








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