Shopgirl: Netflix gets personal with My List feature

The Evans Towne Farmers Market, held Thursdays at the Columbia County Library in Evans, offers breads, produce, coffee, honey and other locally made items.



Netflix ingeniously knows what movies and television shows you will love, but the Internet streaming video service has improved its algorithm to be even more convenient and intuitive. My List was rolled out this past week as an upgrade to the Instant Queue.

You still add movies and TV shows to watch later like you did for the queue, but Netflix now uses its knowledge of your recent viewing history and tastes to predict what flagged shows and movies you will most likely want to watch right now.

This is the latest in a series of recent features added to Netflix in an attempt to make the service even more customized and convenient.

Earlier this month, Netflix began allowing each account to have several different user profiles. Now instead of a big jumble of everyone who uses your account, there are lists for you, your brother who only watches action movies and Burn Notice, and for when your 8-year-old niece comes to visit.



Don’t let the cool temperatures of late discourage you from those last few weeks of wearing white, linen and seersucker.

Sure, we love them because they’re cool when it’s hot out, but those pieces in your closet add texture and interest to your looks as well.

Layer linen pants with a pullover sweater and flats, wear a big scarf with your white and seersucker dresses or juxtapose the seasons in other ways.

We only have a few more weeks of use, so don’t shy away from getting a little creative.



If you haven’t started shopping at the Evans Towne Farmers Market, you need to. Each Thursday behind the Columbia County Library, there’s a great array of locally grown and sustainable foods sold by farmers and producers from our area. From fresh bread to figs to locally roasted Buona Caffe coffee to honey, the market has just about everything you would ordinarily buy at the grocery store.

It’s reasonably priced, of course, but it also comes with the satisfaction of knowing exactly where the items came from and that you’re supporting local growers and producers. If you have kids, they will love participating in the (free!) Kids Market Passport Program, a program that works to educate and excite kids about locally sourced food.