Shopgirl: Tapas bar, ombre tights and price scanner app seller BZR has ombre tights (above) for $40. American Eagle is selling some for $12.95.



Have you been to The Retreat Augusta on Washington Road? This tapas bar and coffeehouse is hardly a Starbucks, with gourmet pastries served in the morning and tapas served in the evening.

It’s a more grown-up feel for meetings you might have after office hours, and its owners also have The Smokers Retreat next door.

That’s a cigar lounge and bar where you can get expert input about your cigar selections after you finish your tapas. Find them on Facebook or call (706) 250-3717 for more information.



I think I’ve found my favorite trend for this coming season: ombre tights.

These opaque tights have a color gradient up your leg, so that you get the fun of the bright color without having to totally commit to possibly looking like a cartoon character.

One etsy store, BZR, has become Internet-famous for their tights that are bright at your feet and lower leg but deepen to a darker hue after your knee. They are $40 a pop, a bit of an investment for something I would probably get a run in after two wears.

Good news – American Eagle has hopped on the trend and is selling some for only $12.95. The color selection isn’t exciting, but I look for more brands to carry this trend as the season progresses.



RedLaser is a cool app that has actually been around for a while, created by the folks at eBay to help you get the best deal on anything with a barcode.

Using GPS location technology and Internet search engines, RedLaser pulls up the best deals online and locally for the item you scan.

I couldn’t get any Augusta-area stores to come up for the items I scanned, so it might be a while before markets of our size are added to the system.

Even for an online shopping comparison tool, though, it’s great to have on your phone.

I often wonder if I could find a book, shirt or makeup cheaper online than in Target or other chain stores … now all I have to do is scan it.


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