Rustic decor store opening soon in Augusta

Westobou River Trading Co., an interior design and home goods store, is opening Sept. 20 in Augusta.

The building at 827 Ste­v­ens Creek Road is a revamped house that owner Sher­ry Elijah’s family has occu­pied for more than 50 years.
In the 1990s, Elijah
owned Coming Home, a gifts and home décor business on Ev­ans to Locks Road. She said she is ready to be a business owner again. For now, she is the only employee, but her family might help out.

“It was time to go again,” Elijah said. “I’ve been waiting. I pretty much knew that it was either this year or probably not at all. Some doors opened up that just encouraged me to move through.”

Items for sale will include interior décor items, wall fixtures, lamps and candles. Most of the merchandise will be rustic. The store will also offer interior decorating services, she said.

Elijah said the store is near the river, which inspired its name. She named it West­obou because that is one of the original names of the Savannah River, she said.



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