Augusta Dawgs opens on Milledgeville Road

Owner Kia Faulk stands outside her new restaurant, Augusta Dawgs, on Milledgeville Road. Faulk started the restaurant to provide affordable food in the area.

A mother of eight, Kia Faulk wanted to offer affordable food to local families, so she quit her job and opened Augusta Dawgs.


The specialty sausage dog joint at 2300 Milledgeville Road opened in June in a former Dairy Queen building.

Faulk used to work as an assistant at the Medical College of Georgia and said she drove past the building all the time. A year ago, she was in Sam’s Club eating hot dogs with her kids and the spot came to mind, she said.

“I wanted to do something in that neighborhood and something affordable for all families to come to,” Faulk said. “That corner stays busy. There’s always traffic, and no matter which way you’re coming, it’s easy to get into that location.”

Faulk quit her job in March to focus on the business, which she runs with her son-in-law, Hasani Hogan. They’re a two-person operation until they can afford to hire more employees.

“I knew that I couldn’t work full time and do this full time,” Faulk said. “I really wasn’t nervous. I’m always one who will try things and see if it works. I hate the what-ifs. Worst-case scenario was that it didn’t work and I had to go and find another job.”

Augusta Dawgs serves Nathan’s all-beef sausage dogs with more than 40 toppings available, including banana peppers, crispy onions, hummus and mushrooms. It also offers nachos and snowballs.

Faulk hopes to open another restaurant in west Au­gusta. She plans to offer an athletic scholarship to Jo­sey High School each year and donate hot dogs to Josey football players, cheerleaders and band members on game nights.



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