Downtown Augusta's 209 on the River moving to Broad Street

A downtown Augusta restaurant is relocating to reduce its business expenses.


The restaurant, formerly called 209 on the River, will move from 4 Eighth St. to 566 Broad St. and change its name to 209 Restaurant, Cafe and Catering, said co-owner Cassandra Brinson.

The business will open Monday. It has been closed since January to prepare for the move, said Brinson, who owns it with her husband, Glen Brinson.

“We’re moving because of the downsize in the economy. We had huge overhead and too much space,” Cassandra Brinson said. “It was also a lot of walking for our older customers to walk around the building. The parking lot was so far.

“We’re moving to better our business and for our customers, to make it more convenient for them.”

On Eighth Street, the restaurant’s power bill was $4,000 a month. The space measured 4,000 square feet. The Broad Street building is only 2,300 square feet, Brinson said.

The restaurant will maintain its staff of 10 workers and will be open Monday through Friday during lunch, rather than the previous Tuesday through Friday. The facility is also available for rental for rehearsals, receptions and after-hour events, she said.

“We would love to stay open later, but we would have to build the customer base to do that,” Brinson said. “It’s just so hard to get family people to go home and come back.

“When they go home, they don’t generally come back downtown.”

The restaurant has been in business since 2000, first opening as Cafe 209 at 209 10th St. It moved to Eighth Street five years ago, she said.