Comcast's GM resigns to become Knology's GM

Abu Khan worked for Comcast for more than 15 years.



The general manager of Comcast in Augusta is about to become the general manager of Knology in Augusta.

Abu Khan, the vice president and general manager of Comcast, resigned Friday after working for the cable and Internet provider for more than 15 years in different roles.

Khan will start his new job Monday, replacing Mike Adams, Knology’s previous general manager in Augusta, who transferred to the company’s Huntsville, Ala., market a few months ago, said Royce Ard, the vice president of sales and marketing for Knology.

“We were just extremely fortunate to be able to find someone that had the experience that Abu brings to the table,” Ard said. “He’s got over 20 years of experience in our industry and, of course, several years of experience with Comcast most recently. We had a great general manager there for years in Mike, and we think that Abu will fit right into our organization and be a contributor.”

Comcast said in a news release that it has “a strong operations team in place in Augusta to manage the day-to-day activities, including technical, customer care and business services.”

“Comcast sincerely thanks (Khan) for his leadership and wishes him well in his endeavors,” Michael Daves, the area vice president of Comcast operations, said in the release.

Daves, who handles markets in Augusta; Savannah, Ga.; and Charleston, S.C., will continue to oversee the Augusta area.

Concerning how Comcast’s business will be affected by Khan working for the company’s competitor, Daves said Comcast will “continue to thrive in a competitive marketplace.”

“While we hate to see any of our employees leave Comcast, we are very excited about the future of Comcast in Augusta,” Daves said.


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