Walmart greeters shift from doors

The next time shoppers visit a Walmart store, they can expect some changes.


Starting in February, Walmart is adjusting the duties of its day greeters. Instead of having to multitask with tagging returns, cleaning and prepping shopping carts, and greeting customers, greeters will now give shoppers their undivided attention, Walmart spokeswoman Ashley Hardie said.

“We’re removing those responsibilities so they can focus on the customer,” Hardie said.

Also, rather than standing near the doors, the greeters will move back 10 to 15 feet into the store, she said.

“That allows them to welcome customers who are coming into the store, as well as be able to assist customers who are shopping who may have a question about where a product’s location is,” Hardie said.

In September, Walmart ended its overnight greeter program from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. to make better use of its resources, Hardie said.

“We’re refocusing our efforts during the overnight shift on restocking shelves for those who may shop overnight or in the early morning,” Hardie said.

Walmart still has greeters during its first and second shifts, but Walmart has reallocated its resources during the night shift. The overnight greeters were given the chance to apply for other positions such as inventory stockers and cashiers, she said.

“Our customers were telling us we could better serve them by having products on the shelves whenever they choose to shop with us or having cash registers open whenever they’re there to check out,” Hardie said.



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