Jobless claims higher in December



Seasonal layoffs lifted the number of first-time claims for unemployment insurance benefits in the Augusta metro area in December, the Georgia labor department reported Thursday.

There were 2,541 claims last month, similar to December 2010, where 2,434 filed claims.

The December numbers represent an increase over November’s 1,981 initial claims.

The number also rose statewide, the department reported, to 63,714, up 10.7 percent, from 57,573 in November. For Georgia, the number was 15 percent lower than the number of claims filed in December 2010.




Richmond County: 1,472 in December, up from 1,148 in November, down from 1,492 in December 2010

Columbia County: 428 in December, up from 328 in November, down from 447 in December 2010

Burke County: 212 in December, up from 189 in November, down from 224 in December 2010

McDuffie County: 404 in December, up from 268 in November, up from 234 in December 2010

(South Carolina counties will be reported when data is released)



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