Aiken defense contractor site will refit National Guard vehicles

BAE Systems’ Aiken plant will benefit from a $306 million contract extension to modify Bradley Fighting Vehicles for National Guard units, a company spokeswoman said.


BAE Systems, a subsidiary of London-based global defense and aerospace company BAE Systems PLC, was recently awarded the contract modification to upgrade 353 Bradley Fighting Vehicles for the Minnesota and Pennsylvania National Guards.

The contract extends similar work being done to upgrade vehicles for Combined Armed Battalions to the South Carolina, Kansas and Ohio National Guard units, according to a news release.

The modification brings the value of the full contract to $646 million.

“The Aiken facility will provide newly manufactured welded and machined components, including hatches, armor and various other components,” said BAE Systems spokeswoman Shannon Booker. “Raw forgings or castings, sheet material and armor will be procured from suppliers and processed into finished goods at the Aiken site.”

Booker said the firm does not expect to hire any additional employees as a result of the contract extension.

The contract calls for the company to refit and upgrade M2A2, M3A2 and M7 Bradley Fire Support Team vehicles to Operation Desert Storm Situational Awareness configurations. The upgrade integrates new digitized electronics to provide soldiers “with optimal situational awareness, network connectivity and enhanced communication hardware,” according to the release.

The Aiken plant employs about 100 workers, Booker said.