Augusta businesses busy with Masters Tournament clients

The week leading up to the Masters Tournament is a busy time of year for some Augusta-area businesses.


For landscapers, window washers, maid services and tent rental companies, Masters Week means big business.

“This is our busiest week throughout the whole year,” said Robert Ledford, the owner of Merry Maids in Martinez.

Ledford said his business doubles the week before the Masters. People renting out their homes want them cleaned before guests arrive.

Despite the extra business, Ledford prefers not to hire extra workers for only a week. His regular staff of 25 works additional hours and even Saturday and Sunday before the Masters to complete jobs, he said.

Business triples at We Wash Windows for residential clients around Masters Week, owner Quincy Fuller said. The tournament week provides 25 percent to 30 percent of his annual income, he said.

“If we do one house a day typically, this time of year we’re doing three or up to six houses a day,” Fuller said.

Fuller said that he hires three or four additional workers to meet the demand. His company will be washing windows until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

“I’m going to do so much work during this month that it will cover certain expenses throughout the year,” he said.

Masters Week is the busiest time of year for Stars Discount Window Cleaning, “as far as having the most jobs in the shortest period of time,” said registered agent Marilyn Marsh. Business picks up about 25 percent the month leading up to the Masters, she said.

Many clients are renting out their homes. The owner, Paul Marsh, doesn’t have employees, so he works longer hours to meet the demand.

Tents are also in high demand. Allstar Rents Inc. in Augusta has been busy setting up tents for mostly corporate clients, office manager Rachael Wolf said. The company started filling orders March 19 and plans to finish by Monday.

Landscaping companies have been busy sprucing up yards for clients renting out their homes. Augusta Lawn & Turf has a 10 percent to 15 percent increase in business near the Masters, owner Larry Price said. His company plants flowers and puts down pine straw and mulch.

“Just making sure everything is in tip-top shape for their guests coming in,” Price said.

Price brings in two to four seasonal workers to help his regular crew, he said.

Andy Watson Landscaping Inc. has been doing spring cleanups and putting down pine straw, plants and mulch, owner Andy Watson said. Twenty-five percent of his spring business comes from Masters clients.

Calls started coming in at the beginning of February, he said. To meet the demand, Watson hires one or two extra workers to assist his small staff.

Landscape Contractors Inc. has been doing re-sod jobs, general cleanup and checking sprinkler systems, owner Porter Fleming said. Business has slowed down, in general, because of the economy, but “it’s definitely picked up coming into the Masters,” he said.

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