Readers give advice for graduates: Be yourself and buckle up

The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.


– Oscar Wilde


With high school graduations looming, I asked what advice you might give the youngsters if you were speaking at their commencement. As usual, you answered smartly.


“Never look back at what could have been but ahead as to what can be.”

– Sandi Taylor,




“Buckle Up! Have your passengers buckle up! Your car will kill you; your friend’s car will kill you; the drunk driver’s car will kill you. Your friends, your teachers, and your parents want you alive for a lo-o-ong time!”

– Pat Glover


“My advice for a young graduate based on my nearly 50 years of work experience: No matter what job you have, do it better than everybody else.”

– Patrick Corcoran


“Remember who you are and don’t squirt super glue in exterior locks at your school. Also, I’ve never known a couple where the wife was a fantastic cook get a divorce. So here’s my advice! Girls, learn to cook. Boys, marry a great cook.”

– Sondra Gillespie,




“Never trust anybody that says, ‘Trust me.’ ”

– Dennis Patterson


“Read everything. You can’t create something greater than you are.”

– Jimmy Bowman, Washington, Ga.


“Never slap a man in the face when he is chewing tobacco!”

– Richard Russell, Johnston, S.C.


“Know your true worth and never let anyone devalue you.

“I have 15- and 13-year old daughters. I started stressing this to them when they were young, and I find myself saying it more now that they’re teens! Sometimes I’d follow it with, ‘Don’t think you’re better than everyone else, because you’re not, but don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re less than anyone else, either.’

“I hoped & prayed they realized what I truly meant, and then (while in a Resolution for Women class at our church), my 15-year-old touched my shoulder and said, ‘I love my Mom so much because she taught me to love myself.’ And while I never used those words, I guess that’s what ‘know your true worth’ boils down to.

“Thanks for letting me explain myself.”

– Brenda J. Ferraro


“Don’t stay so busy making a living you forget to have a life.”

– Tom Faircloth, Barnwell, S.C.


“Choose your vocation based on what you love, not on how lucrative the job will be.”





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