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Last week’s photo showed a section of the 2012 Land Rover Range Evoque, a sleek new luxury sport utility from the creator of luxury sport utilities.


Chosen randomly from the correct entries was the name of Jim Muraski, of Martinez, who wrote:

“This sexy SUV comes with a Ford EcoBoost 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and full time 4-wheel drive. A base price of $41,995 makes this the most expensive 4-cylinder vehicle sold in the USA.”

He wins a prize from The Augusta Chronicle. Other readers identifying the vehicle were:

AUGUSTA: Carolyn Ogles, who wrote: “The smallest, lightest most fuel efficient Range Rover ever made at a ‘lower price’ starting at $44,000.”

Also: Norman Lewis

CANTON, GA.: David Anderson wrote: “In my commute to and from work, I pass through the Ritzy Side of Roswell/Alpharetta and go past a Ferrari, a Bentley and a Land Rover dealership, so I was surprised when it took me so long to figure this one out.

“I had even noticed one day before Christmas when it was my turn to be the carpool passenger, that the Land Rover dealership had one of these vehicles prominently displayed out front. It has such a striking profile from the side that it certainly leaps out at you as different from the other Land Rover offerings on the lot.

“Land Rover is pouring some engineering technology into this beast, getting 240 horsepower out of a 2-liter four- cylinder, which is then mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. I did not take the time to look up any performance specs, but the projected gas mileage range is 28 highway and 18 city, with 23 mpg combined.

“What more is there to say about a Land Rover Range Rover vehicle? They come equipped about as nice as you would expect from this manufacturer, and the Evoque starts at just under $50,000. I priced one for grins online, and with no options except 20-inch wheels and climate control, the price jumped to just over $55,000.

“One interesting tidbit: “This is the only vehicle I have ever seen advertised where the specifications include a maximum wading depth! It’s 19.7 inches, in case you were wondering.

“By the way, my alternate commute path when traffic is backed up takes me past a Porsche, an Acura, an Infiniti and a Jaguar dealership. Yeah, Roswell/Alpharetta is that snooty!”

CUMMING, GA.: Chris Rhodes wrote: “New for 2012, the Evoque is an evolutionary step forward for the Range Rover subbrand and is built on the existing LR2 model. The Evoque also represents an impressive step in Land Rover’s positioning within the SUV market. Once known exclusively for producing large, heavy and thirsty V-8-powered sport utilities, Land Rover is reinventing itself to stay competitive in a changing world.

“The Evoque is touted by Land Rover as being the lightest, quickest and most fuel-efficient model it has ever produced. Through the use of high-strength steels, aluminum and composite materials, Land Rover has shaved at least 350 pounds off the LR2-based platform.

“A Ford-sourced 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine rated at 240 horsepower helps the Evoque knock down a 28 mpg highway rating from the EPA.

“The Evoque’s numbers are so impressive that Motor Trend picked it as their 2012 SUV of the Year.”

EVANS: Jerry Paul wrote: “The car of the week appears to be a baby Range Rover – Range Rover Evoque.”

MARTINEZ: Jeff Miller wrote: “Arriving to America via Halewood, England, is this week’s What Is It? – the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.”


This week, let’s look at this photo of a car. Can you tell us the make and model? You also might take a whack at the year, but that isn’t necessary. If you know this vehicle, call (706) 823-3419 or e-mail glynn.moore@augustachronicle.com.

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– Glynn Moore,

staff writer



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