Sonic Spotlight: Eric Kinlaw




Age: 35

HOMETOWN: Fayetteville, N.C.

OCCUPATION: Co-owner of Sky City and The Bee's Knees

BANDS: The Cubists, since 2006; Night People, since 2005; Shaun Piazza Band, 2002-2009; Deathstar, 1995-2002; Moniker, 2002-05; Snapdragon, 1993-95; Lyrical Sol, 1993-95; Grinch, 1990-1992; The Bud Hudson Jazz Explosion, 1996-2001

PLAYS: Guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, sitar, clarinet, saxophone, loops and samples

FAVORITE ALBUM: Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation

FAVORITE CONCERT ATTENDED: The Smashing Pumpkins at The Masquerade, Atlanta, 1991. "When Gish came out, that was kind of a turning point, along with (Nirvana's) Nevermind, for music. And I got to go to the show at the last minute. It was just a great experience being five feet from the band."

FAVORITE MOVIE: Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope

FAVORITE GIG: Deathstar, Firehouse Bar, 1997. "We used a smoke machine, and we smoked out the Firehouse, for one thing. That was probably the most fun. And we just had a lot of lights. It was a trio at that time, with Raoul Pacheco and Jayson Rubio, and we were just playing, I think, our best music."


TV FAVORITES: "I don't watch much, but I'd probably say Lost and Mad Men."

MUSICAL ROOTS: I guess what got me started is my dad played guitar and sang old country songs when I was a little kid. And then when I was in fourth grade ... I started on the clarinet, just because there was actually a band program at the school I was at."

FAVORITE FOOD DISH: Bee's Knees' Pad Thai. "It's hard to beat that."

CHRISTMAS DAY PLANS: "Just to spend time with family in town. I'm not going anywhere. A nice meal at home."

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