Sonic Spotlight: Shane Thompson

Jackie Ricciardi/Staff
Percussionist Shane Thompson is in the Sonic Spotlight.

AGE: 30



PLAYS: Hand drums

DAY JOB: Co-owner of Westobou (unrelated to the Westobou Festival) and Kruhu

PLAYED WITH: Westobou, since 1999; Fletch & Folk, 2007-08; Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, 2002

BEST CONCERT ATTENDED: Burlap to Cashmere, street festival, Charlotte, N.C., about 2000. "They had a dedicated drummer, a dedicated hand drummer; and their flamenco guitarist played timbales, so he would flip over, and you'd have three sets of drums going at the same time... (B)ecause I like drums, that was more impressive than Stomp and more impressive than Blue (Man) Group."

BEST PERFORMANCE: Acoustic show with Eric Myers and Glynn Towery, Columbia International University, Columbia, 2001. "We played for a thousand kids, and it was all acoustic instruments. We played an upright bass, a couple of vocals, acoustic guitar. And that was probably one of the most moving experiences, because what we were playing wasn't as loud as the people singing. I mean, we were miked and amped, but ... you could hear the people singing the entire time -- like loud. Much louder than what you hear at, like, church."

WORST PERFORMANCE: Youth event, Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, mid '90s. "I was playing a digital set of drums, and you couldn't pay me to be on beat. It was that bad. ... It was rough. I appreciated the people that stayed. "