Sonic Spotlight: Scott Sizemore



AGE: 17


GUITAR: Pictured with his Alvarez acoustic

PLAYS WITH: Guitarist and worship leader, Warren Baptist Church

FAVORITE CONCERT ATTENDED: Jimmy Needham and Rush of Fools, Sanctuary Church, Evans, 2009. "I really like Jimmy Needham. He's probably one of my favorite Christian artists besides Hillsong. I really like his style, so to get to see him play and just be in that atmosphere of him just sharing his heart with us and sharing his music was really, really refreshing and really cool."

TV FAVORITE: Phineas and Ferb

FAVORITE SHOW: His band played for a youth group this year in Wrens, Ga. "We got paid for the gig, and we got to play at least eight songs, so that was really fun being able to play that much. And we got to hang out with the kids after-wards and eat hamburgers and stuff. I really enjoy any time I get to be up front, either leading in worship or just playing and rocking out."


MUSIC ROOTS: Started playing the guitar about age 12. "(W)hat really gave me the opportunity to become a better player was playing in the youth group (at Warren). ... And I've learned a lot from Patrick Taylor, just being able to hang out with him sometimes and play with him at church."

PRE-SHOW RITUAL: "I always pray."

SONGWRITING: "If I have something that I feel that should be said or people should know, I try to put it in a song. And I base pretty much everything that I write off of the Bible and what I learn through Scripture. ... I usually write in my room, just because that's my solace place where I can concentrate on what I'm doing, and I don't have to worry about people distracting me in any way."

FAVORITE FOOD: "Mom's chicken and dumplings: "It's crazy awesome."


LISTEN: Listen to 'This is Love' by Scott Sizemore