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The big tabloid news with Gym Class Heroes, the hit Geneva, N.Y., quartet that mixes hip-hop and rock into a melodic pop sound, is that frontman Travis McCoy broke up with I Kissed a Girl chanteuse Katy Perry. But none of that matters to drummer Matt McGinley, who formed the band with Mr. McCoy in, yes, gym class.

"Even though we're both as vitally involved in the band, it's obvious that him being the frontman, he receives a large amount of attention," says Mr. McGinley, 25, from a tour stop in Kansas City. Here's more:


Q: For The Quilt, you guys worked on making a cohesive album rather than a collection of singles. How did that change the way you work in the studio?

A: We recorded the majority of it live. ... It made us closer as a band. In the past, when I would record a song, I would focus on keeping my part perfect. But when you're recording live, you're feeding off each other.

Q: Travis said in an interview after you guys blew up, "I can't be as social as I was when we were playing 200-capacity clubs. It was easy back then just hanging with people, but that has changed." Do you notice that, too?

A: It's a very small amount. I could go into a movie theater without the distraction of being mobbed. In a way, that's awesome, but I'm not going to say it doesn't hurt when we do a photo shoot and they crop me out of the picture.

Q: You've been a rock star since basically high school. How supportive have your parents been?

A: When I was in middle school and high school and just starting to get involved in music, my parents were super-encouraging and made sure I got lessons with great jazz musicians. Then I went to college and we recorded The Papercut Chronicles ... When the opportunity came, I was eager to drop out of school. I think that was a hard one for my mom to take. ...I'm doing an online degree program ... And I still have all my report cards sent to (my mom). She still gets excited when those C-minuses come rolling in.