Sonic Spotlight: Woody Wood

AGE: 33



DAY JOB: Cook at T.G.I. Friday's

MEMBER OF: Lead singer of Tommy O.D. & the Survivors and Happy Bones

FAVORITE CONCERT ATTENDED: Lollapalooza at Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, 1992. "The second annual Lollapalooza was across the gamut, especially with the side stage and then the main stage. It was like any type of music that you could imagine was there, and that's what I liked about it."

FAVORITE TV SHOW: "I rarely watch TV, but whenever I do, I love Austin City Limits."

FIRST CLUB SHOW: "I started playing clubs when I was 15 years old. ... The first club I played was actually a place called the Chicken Ranch over in New Ellenton ...and it was a sea of cowboy hats. And I do not play country, and I was late, so they were like, 'It's about time you got here.' And my heart just fell in my stomach. But I got up there; and after the first couple of songs, I won them over. That was it. After that, I was like, 'I got to do this.' "

FAVORITE SHOW: Happy Bones at the 12 Bands of Christmas concert, Imperial Theatre, 2002. "My guitarist, Randy Carver Jr., was also on the bill that same year with the band called Eldorado Deluxe, and we played back to back. They were second on the bill, and we were third on the bill. That was pretty cool."

FAVORITE MOVIE: PULP FICTION "I'm a real dialogue-type person, and the banter in that movie is just -- I mean, there's nonstop quotes from that movie that I always use to this day."

WORST SHOW: Happy Bones at The Mission, 2005. "I was slipped something in my drink. And, needless to say, I was not present, but I heard all about it."

Upcoming Gig: The band plays at 10 p.m. Dec. 19 at Joe's Underground Cafe, 144 Eighth St.