Pop singer able to shift focus for book of photos

NEW YORK --- To record his third studio CD, Jason Mraz withdrew from the music industry so he wouldn't be affected by album sales and charts. Instead, the pop singer went to his hometown of San Diego and traveled to London while disconnecting himself from his phone and e-mail.


The result: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things . Mr. Mraz calls the CD his most personal yet.

Months after its release, the album's first single, I'm Yours , is still a hit on those charts Mr. Mraz tried to avoid, rounding off the top 10 this week on the Billboard Hot 100.

He has also released a book, A Thousand Things: Photographs by Jason Mraz .

Q: What's been your most memorable moment on tour?

A: When I first started touring, I got to tour with Jewel for many long weeks and on our last night she invited me on stage to do a duet and we shared a microphone, and I always thought that was so great because I could clearly see in her mouth while she's singing. I'm like right there in her face. Like up her nose at times and feeling her breath in my face.

Maybe it was kind of perverted for me to have those experiences, but it was great as a fan and fellow musician. It's a great opportunity to be that close to other musicians.

Q: Talk more about this book of photos.

A: For the past five years that I've been touring, I've taken Polaroid instant film -- Polaroid 600, the cheapest kind you can buy. And there's really something quite novel and interesting about this film, and now I've taken thousands ... of pictures.