Sonic Spotlight: Doug 'E. Beatz' James

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AGE: 36

HOMETOWN: Toledo, Ohio

FAMILY: Wife, Ree, daughter, Sarah, and son, Indy

MEMBER OF: 420 Outback

GUITAR: Pictured with his American Standard Strat

FAVORITE GIG: 420 Outback at Crossroads (now 1102 Downtown Bar & Grill), 2002. "We were set to open for Seven Mary Three, and we were loading up the van, and my wife pulled up and pulled me aside and informed me that I was going to be a father. ... There must have been 400 people in there that night. Seven Mary Three was even in the front pumping their fists and jamming out. That was a great day."

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: The Cleveland Browns. "When I was 9, my dad was a good friend of one of the players. He would come to town and sleep at our house, and we'd get to go to the games and go party with the team afterwards. It was cool. So I've always been a Browns fan. It's kind of a birthright."

WORST SHOW: "I can't really tell you that there's one specific gig that just absolutely was horrible. We've had our share of trying times, but there's really nothing that stands out to me as, 'Boy, I wish that hadn't have happened.' "

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: "For lunch time, I love the Silla (Cafe). Their chicken teriyaki, I love it. ... And Beamie's (At The River). I love Beamie's. All the downtown restaurants, though -- they all have something that I like."

GUITAR SETUP: "I have a single little combo amp that I use for practice, and I have a half stack that I use for the bigger venues. But I don't really have any specific setup. ... I just kind of plug in, and the only pedal I have at my foot is the channel selector that goes from distortion to clean. That's pretty much it. Maybe just a touch of reverb."

HANDPICKED CONCERT LINEUP: Jeff Healey, How Blue Can You Get; Allman Brothers, Whipping Post; B.B. King, The Thrill is Gone; Stevie Ray Vaughan, any song; Led Zeppelin, Over the Hills and Far Away