Corbin eager to be back on road again

Easton Corbin will be at the Country Club Dec. 8. He was last in Augusta to open for the Blake Shelton concert.



Fans of country music star Easton Corbin were concerned in mid-October when he posted on his Web site that he needed to cancel some shows to get back into touring shape.

“To all of my fans,” he wrote, “I wanted to let all of my fans know that I am truly sorry that I have had to cancel shows this month. I haven’t been feeling well, and after a few doctor visits, they informed me that I needed to rest.

“I am taking the time to get better and be 100 percent so that I can go back on the road and do what makes me happy, playing for all of you. Thank you for all of your love and support. Can’t wait to feel better and see all of you out on the road.”

Well, the good news is that he’s doing much better, and the better news is that Augusta is one of the first cities where his fans can see him.

Corbin, with special guest Ty Brown of ABC-TV’s The Bachelorette show, will perform Thursday, Dec. 8, at the Country Club Dance Hall & Saloon. The doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 10 p.m. Tickets are $27.50.

“Man, my muscles in my neck were really bothering me,” Corbin said in a call from his Nashville, Tenn.- area home. “I had so much tension in my neck and have been getting a lot of physical therapy. I was in no pain with it at all, but my neck muscles just don’t relax.”

Corbin said he’s eager to get back on the road.

“When you’re working all the time, you want to be home more,” he said in his call. “But when you’re at home too much, you want to be back working. When it’s winter, you want it to be summer. When it’s summer you want it to be winter. I think that’s true for everybody.”

Corbin was a hit with local country music fans when he performed on WKXC-FM’s Guitar Pull in November of 2010. He returned to Augusta last March to open for Blake Shelton at James Brown Arena.

He became the first solo country male artist in 17 years to have his first two singles go to No. 1. They are A Little More Country Than That and Roll With It.

His third single, I Can’t Love You Back, was released in November of last year and stopped at No. 12.

Was he disappointed that it didn’t hit No. 1?

“There’s no sense to cry about it,” Corbin said. “You just have to take what happens and move on to the next round.”

He has been working on his second album, which is due out early next year.

“I’ve written a lot of songs in the past, but I’ve only got two of mine on this new album,” he added. “For me (picking songs for the album), the best song wins. I don’t care who writes the song as long as it fits what I do.”

Many people think Corbin sounds a lot like country music superstar George Strait. Has he ever met King George?

“I met the guy when I was first starting out at a show,” he said, “but that was before I really had any radio success.”

Corbin’s first public appearances came in showing cattle at fairs as a member of the Future Farmers of America and 4-H clubs. He grew up on his grandparents’ farm near Trenton, Fla., west of Gainesville.

“As far as being a member of those clubs and raising cattle, I learned a lot about responsibility and keeping records,” he said. “It really instills in you responsibility about doing hard work and following through with a project – when you start something you need to finish it.”