For Moon Taxi, sky's the limit on music



To ask the lead singer of the Nashville, Tenn., rock outfit Moon Taxi about its influences is to ask a loaded question, because those influences are all over the board – from progressive rock and indie rock, to hip hop and even a few reggae touches.

“We try not to discriminate too much,” said Trevor Terndrup. “I’ll give anything a good listen. It’s a smattering of everything as far as our influences go.”

Moon Taxi, supported by Funk You, will bring its eclectic sound to Augusta on Wednesday, April 25, at Sky City, 1157 Broad St.

In creating the band’s new album Cabaret, the band went back farther than rock roots – it went to the 1920s – in formulating its concept.

“We thought it was a cool thought, to think about dancers with big ostrich feathers and speakeasies. We wanted to get that variety show and reinterpret it musically,” Terndrup said.

“The music itself is not cabaret music, but we wanted people to have that feeling of being entertained in the full sense of it. Back in the day you could sit, have a meal and watch a show. It was an all-encompassing experience.”

The single from which the album derives its name is a bluesy, bass-filled song with lyrics of a man preparing to leave.

“I see a guy that he’s about to leave either his girlfriend or a town – or maybe going off to jail and this is a letter he’s writing to a girlfriend, a last conversation he’s having,” Terndrup said. “It’s very pregnant with desire and longing.”

Moon Taxi’s tour takes it across the southeast, including a stop at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this June in Manchester, Tenn., and a swing through Chicago at Lollapalooza in August.

“We have a pretty diverse sound where we try to just aim to please when we play live,” he said. “That’s definitely something we’re looking forward to bringing.”


WHO: Moon Taxi

WHEN: 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 25; doors open at 8 p.m.

WHERE: Sky City, 1157 Broad St.

COST: $5;