LoCash Cowboys set to show Coyote's audience a good time

Catch LoCash Cowboys at Coyote's on Saturday.



If the country music business is all about riding the waves, then the LoCash Cowboys better hold on tight. Their wave seems to be gaining momentum.

The duo – Preston Brust and Chris Lucas – have played in Augusta many times, so the name may sound familiar. If it doesn’t, perhaps you’ve heard country artist Keith Urban’s newest single, You Gonna Fly? Brust and Lucas wrote it, along with fellow songwriter Jaren Johnson.

They’ll likely tell you all about it during their show at Coyote’s on Saturday, Dec. 17. They’re pretty stoked.

Brust said they have been flying high ever since Urban requested the song.

“For us to have a Keith Urban song even cut was just outstanding. Then for it to make the album was just a big leap for us,” he said. “It’s fun to be able to tell an audience about it. It feels good to get a little validation.”

It’s really just the latest moment that has made them realize they are living their dream.

Another was recording Independent Trucker, a duet with the legendary George Jones.

The first major moment was probably when they performed live on Fox News on New Year’s Eve 2008, when they were still unsigned and peddling their own CDs. A split-second decision to sell their CDs for $2.09 per copy in the midst of a crashing economy resulted in one incredible night in which LoCash Cowboys was the No. 1-selling artist across all genres.

“That’s when we realized we’ve got something going here,” Brust said.

Brust began writing music when he was about 10 years old. The son of a preacher, he grew up Kokomo, Ind., with a hymnal in his hand.

Meanwhile, Lucas was busy playing everything from Motley Crüe to Frank Sinatra and Garth Brooks.

Brust and Lucas met in Nashville in 2002, working together as emcees and hosts at the Wild Horse Saloon. Offstage, they began writing music and discovered that their diverse musical backgrounds combined to create a unique sound that became distinctly LoCash.

Taking their onstage rapport and rocking country sound, they created the high-energy and highly entertaining shows LoCash is known for.

So if you plan to watch them rock Coyote’s on Saturday night, don’t expect to just see two guys with guitars playing a predetermined set list. They take their cues from their audience, and they have every intention of showing you a really good time.

“We’re not afraid to say anything on the mike and get the audience involved. It’s the entertainment business for us and we love to just make it a show,” Brust said.



WHO: LoCash Cowboys

WHEN: 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 17

WHERE: Coyote’s, 2512 Peach Orchard Road

DETAILS: $10; coyotesaugusta.com

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