Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



HOW ARE PEOPLE speeding down neighborhood streets on four-wheelers with no helmets on allowed to constantly get away with it? Where are our Columbia County police when you need them? If you don’t believe me, take a drive down Hightower, Dent or Desoto. There are several families and older folks who walk in the neighborhood, and the people who are illegally riding four-wheelers are creating a dangerous situation for innocent people and themselves.


ALL THE VERY BEST to Stacey Mabray, the principal of Butler High School on her plans to turn the school around. She seems to have the determination to make it happen. By the way, it would be nice if Colby Harris acted more professionally by removing his baseball cap while addressing the incoming freshmen.


ROSEANNE BARR IS the person that degraded the military by singing The Star-Spangled Banner, spitting on the ground and holding her crotch. It is not Rosie O’Donnell, it is Roseanne Barr.


IF FEMA IS GOING to reimburse Augusta $70 million for the February ice storms that nearly wiped out the city’s contingency funds, then why should property taxes be raised? Before taxes are raised why don’t you collect taxes on vacant lots and abandoned property? These are the one that are getting a free ride.


A RANT FOR THE Augusta fire chief. You talk about all the people who are leaving the department for better pay. Could it be the poor leadership that they are under?


A RAVE FOR THE MAYOR in Atlanta. Good for him, he wants to bring in immigrants. What better way to solve his problems. Bring illegals here and put them to work for $3 an hour.


I JUST ATTENDED THE Paine College town hall meeting. I’m convinced Paine needs a president with integrity and students-first mind-set.


AS A WIDOW ON SOCIAL Security, I struggle each year to scrape together my property taxes. Thank you, Donnie Smith, for making that more difficult so that you can give bonuses to employees. Yes, I’m crying, too. I voted for you.