Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


LET ME ASK WHY someone would not want a new stadium for the GreenJackets? I mean, this is probably one of the last chances to revitalize downtown. We’ve lost Fort Discovery and the Shoppes at Port Royal. And if they do not build it, the GreenJackets will go somewhere else. Columbia, Macon, Columbus all desire a baseball team. Let’s just go ahead and build the stadium and not lose a baseball team!


WILL SOMEONE IN Columbia County government please remove all the tape and flags and partial posters advertising yard sales on the street signs? This is all over the county and looks so bad. You folks who put them up should be ashamed.


PRESSURE IS NOW coming from all sources for Israel to stop the bombing. I am sorry to see that since Israel is not the bad guy. It’s time that the world sees Hamas as the culprit and should be applying pressure on them to cease bombing. Unfortunately Hamas does not care that so many people are getting killed.


IT’S TIME TO SAY no to any further toxic waste being dumped at SRS. The dumping of German nuclear waste should not be allowed to happen. It’s going to take all of the resources that presently exist at SRS to clean up the mess that still exists from our own nuclear programs.


WHEN IS THIS going to stop? Lakeesha Epps is one of the latest to act irresponsibly by leaving her three small children unattended in a car while “shopping” at a store. What makes matters worse is that she was accused of shoplifting while she was in the store.


RANT FOR OBAMA’S critics. According to Politifact, Obama has taken fewer vacation days compared to George W. Bush at the same time in his presidency.


THERE WAS HALF A page yesterday in sports about Tiger Woods and today about the same even though he had used vile and offensive language at the British Open because someone dared to move or even breathe when he was shooting!


RANT FOR THE Columbia County Commission. I find it difficult to believe that a county as progressive as Columbia County does not have a veterinarian on staff at animal control. This is unthinkable. The county commission needs to address this problem right away. Vets could volunteer services in the interim.