Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I’M SICK OF this administration. They need to refund MOX and stop the illegals. They probably haven’t been vaccinated. We owe them nada.


IF $3.7 BILLION is voted for, it must be used to care for and transport the children back to their home countries.


WHAT RIGHT DO these illegal immigrant groups have to file a lawsuit against the United States?


IT IS TIME for the Republic of Texas to secede from the broken United States of American and stand on its own.


RANT FOR STAFF cartoonist Rick McKee and the Chronicle. I am so sick of them whining about the animal shelter.


WHEN PEOPLE DONATE to the Harlem Senior Center, why can’t they give it directly to the seniors instead of the people in charge? Sometimes it just sits in the back and we never get it.


I BELIEVE PRESIDENT Obama is a very intelligent man, but he is ruining the country and Boehner is the only one that has the guts to stand up and do something positive.


OWNING A PET is expensive, but people having babies are even more expensive. Everything costs to raise. You should use common sense raising babies and pets. You took the responsibility to take care for them, don’t give them away or kill them.


I’M A SENIOR citizen and I’ve been on this earth a long time. People used to be known as mulatto if they had one black and one white parent. Is President Obama a mulatto or is he black?