Rants & Raves

Hey everybody, I've been so busy after the Masters that I let our daily photos lapse. Nocnoc just sent in this one taken about a month ago of a vertical cloud that looked like a Funnel cloud descending on Downtown Augusta. It was taken from the parking lot of Harvest table Buffet near Olive Rd. looking North towards downtown. Thanks nocnoc for sending it in. If anyone else wants a photo posted here, Send me as large a version as you can to sean.moores@augustachronicle.com. You can also email me for any problems, concerns or suggestions as well. Have a good day everybody. - Sean

Comments from readers:


NONE OF THE Richmond County commissioners showed up when Gov. Deal was here. What an embarrassment. Rich­mond County commissioners have been an embarrassment for some time now, and this was just the cherry on top of the sundae. They all need to go. Please get rid of these people.


THIS BUSINESS WITH Ster­ling is disgusting. He said something in private. Chris­tians aren’t perfect. How about Jesse Jackson saying Hymie Town? He never got in trouble for that. It is a disgrace. I can’t even watch the news any more.


THIS IS A HUGE RANT for District 1 Commissioner Bill Fennoy. You are just another deer with his headlights out.


SPLOST DOES nothing for south Augusta. We need work done on Highway 25. We need Windsor Spring Road worked on. We need a lot of things, but all they want to do is finish downtown where only 105 of the population lives. 80 percent of the population lives in south Augusta, and we need SPLOST. Oh yeah, Mr. Roundtree probably wants another $80,000 patrol car.


IF A CAR IS UNLOCKED and it doesn’t belong to you and you get into that car, it is considered breaking and entering. Just like if a burglar walks into an unlocked door, that is breaking and entering. That is the law in Georgia.


I HAVE BEEN RETIRED for a year and a half from a job that I worked for 35 years. And I’m 69 years old. I can’t get a job around here anywhere. You put in an application and you have to go online or they don’t want to talk to you. People in their 60s and 70s still need a little income. It is getting ridiculous.


IT’S NICE TO HAVE a National Day of Prayer, but you don’t have to wait for that. You are supposed to stay with a prayerful attitude without ceasing.


I DON’T AGREE WITH the words Mr. Sterling used, but he has the right under the Constitution to say them. Everybody is going crazy about it. You hear people in south Au­gus­ta saying worse than that and no one says a word.


A GRU OFFICIAL SAID on the radio that over 40 percent of medical training is now being done outside of Augusta and proudly stated that the percentage is going to increase. Richmond and Columbia counties, vote out Deal or MCG will be leaving Augusta. That has been the plan since Azziz came.