Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


A HUGH RAVE TO Lady Antebellum. A rave for the concert to support Ronald McDonald House, A Rave for a great show, and a Rave for a great evening of entertainment for my wife and me!


REGARDING THE euthanasia at Augusta’s city-run animal shelter, wake up Augusta!! Do you not know how to use the media, social media, advertising, using rescues from all over and Facebook! I know of a small one person rescue that saves over 1,500 dogs in a year and look at your facilities. Wake Up and do your research to get them into homes. There are rescues and transports all over!! Ask for help!! Spay and Neuter!!


OK, THE AFRO Americans are an oppressed race. It’s not my fault or my family’s so quit blaming all of us who lack color for your problems. Now you want white people to quit using the word black. Look around; go to a basketball or football game and listen to the words some oppressed use in front of my family with no backlash. A little one sided, I would say.


THIS IS A RANT FOR the driver of a red Camaro who hit a precious dog, stopped, said take the dog to University hospital and proceeded on leaving the poor animal in critical condition to suffer. How can you live with what you did to that animal and just leave? I could not find the owner but how could anyone leave an animal in that condition?

Speeding on Jenkins/ Crawford Avenue needs to stop! Slow down and pay attention! A RAVE to Richmond County animal control for your care with the innocent little baby. Thank you for your help!


WHY DON’T YOU give those dogs away instead of euthanizing them? Poor people can’t afford $85 for a dog even if they want one.


I AM TOTALLY DISGUSTED with Fox News. Today I saw several women sitting on sofas wearing the shortest skirts. Instead of serious news, his was just a sleazy show of legs. How sad that there is no longer any dignity.